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With a foundation forged in military service, Michelle brings a unique perspective, deep compassion, and unwavering dedication to supporting individuals in their journey towards healing. Her transition from the military to the field of social work instilled in her a profound understanding of the human experience, resilience, and the importance of mental health support.

Through our telehealth and in-person sessions, we offer a safe and confidential space where individuals can explore their thoughts, emotions, and experiences. Michelle utilizes evidence-based therapeutic approaches tailored to each client’s needs, ensuring a personalized and effective treatment plan.

At EmpowerU Therapy Services, we specialize in a range of areas, including trauma-informed care, life transitions, anxiety, depression, and relationship challenges. Our goal is to empower individuals to overcome obstacles, discover their strengths, and live fulfilling lives.

We believe in the power of connection, empathy, and a collaborative therapeutic relationship. Whether you’re seeking support for yourself, your relationship, or your family, our practice is here to provide guidance, support, and empowerment every step of the way.

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